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Do You Think Online Dating During the Holidays is Different Than Any Other Time of Year?

Since a lot of people are single and lonely during Christmas time, do you think online dating for men and women is a bit easier? Because some people tend to be more kind and giving during the holidays, do you feel it’s possible for a person to not be as picky and to be a bit more flexible regarding their normal preference(s) for choosing an online dating prospect?

With the myriad of selections to choose from on an online dating site, it would probably comfort a lot of people to know that there may be a time of year where they may have more of a chance of going out on more dates than usual. With online dating, physical/facial attractiveness is the first aspect of a person that is usually the deciding factor as to whether they’re going to receive a message or respond to one.

Christmas dating

Personality is the second aspect of a person; and sometimes, it isn’t even considered unless they are physically attractive to the one who is searching through profiles looking for a date. And although there is the belief that there is someone out there for everyone, most people have their physical attraction bar pretty much set in stone.

Do you think online dating is different during the holidays? Or do you think it makes no difference what time of year it is with regard to how people select the person they want to go out on a date with? Does the holidays affect how you select a person to date from online dating profiles?

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