Can you get together again? Is your lover being true? Love and relationship specialist Gary Snyder has real answers

Are you having trouble navigating your relationship? As a relationship columnist and author for ten years, Gary Snyder has amazing insight into relationships and dating. His research into the intricacies of relationships has uncovered the underlying reasons some people stay happily together, why some others don’t, and how you can turn things around in your own relationships. He has saved marriages and helped people avoid rejection, even divorce. Gary Snyder can cover everything from what to say after that first “Hello” when you meet someone, to rebuilding trust and love in a long term relationship, including:

•The three dimensions of true compatibility (No, there are not twenty-nine. Love is complicated enough. If there really were that many, people would be seventy before they found a girlfriend or boyfriend!)
•The four things that make a person stay with you and keep them in love
•Attract beautiful people
•Three easy steps to weed out a cheater
•Online dating pitfalls and tips
•Relationship coaching
•Save marriages
•Avoid divorce
•Stop rejection
•Can you get your lover back?
•Love levels (Without love, couples are just roommates.)
•And more!
What are love levels?
When talking about relationships, it’s interesting that many people often leave out the most important part, love. Instead, people tend to talk about the mechanics of relationships. It’s like talking about repairing a car without mentioning the motor or transmission. While communication is vital, so are love levels. What if the two people don’t want to talk? If good relationship skills are the ability, love levels are the motivation, the reason for it all.
Even though love is not tangible and cannot be held in the hand, we all know that love exists. While it may be difficult to prove, it’s true that all of us have loved family members, friends, or a partner at some point in our lives. We have all seen an odd couple and wondered, “Why are they together, they have nothing in common?” Actually, they do have something in common. They both love each other.
Most people don’t realize that there are levels, or degrees of love. Romantic love does not turn on to full brightness right away like turning on a regular light switch, it operates more like a dimmer switch; it grows over time. The happiest couples usually start falling in love quickly. When people get that initial crush, that’s a moderate-high love level, a healthy dose of love at first sight. When love levels are high, people tend to attract one another, like a magnet. If everything goes just right, they can fall in love within months. Conversely, when people have a low love level, they get moody, and tend to be less approachable. When love levels die out, love can turn to hate and resentment, and can lead to rejection, break-ups, even divorce. Many things can influence love for both people over time, either lowering or heightening love levels.
Additionally, there are stages of love, and time-lines. While there are other factors, a high love level is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship, a cornerstone, if you will. If a married person loved their spouse, would they want to get a divorce? If other things in the relationship are right, love really can change everything.
Where is your relationship going? End the confusion once and for all and start really living with the romance you deserve. Please contact Gary if you are ready to get your relationship on the right track. He’ll get to the heart of the matter like no one else can. Move over Doctor Phil, there is a new Sheriff in town.


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